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cf5cCokerFest is held annually in the village of EAST COKER which, along with North Coker and West Coker form an ancient collection of villages on the outskirts of Yeovil in Somerset.

East Coker has a bit of a tradition in hosting music events, however these stopped in the late 70s.  The village re-ignited this tradition in 2015 with CokerFest, which is held in the grounds of Longlands at the edge of the village.


CokerFest Organisers

The Organisers of the festival are a group of villagers and land- owners alike who are keen to see the return of public music events to the village in support of local charities. If you would be interested in helping out, or your band would like to play, please get in touch with us on the CONTACTS page. We’d love to hear from you – Even if you just enjoyed the event!


Longlands, East Coker, Somerset, BA22 9HN